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Company concept

1/   Theodoor Culture

Profession, Attention, Concentration!


2/   Enterprise Mission

Perfect integration of technology and application, achieving a better green home.


3/   Quality Idea

Quality first, following rigorous and strict German custom.


4/   Business Concept

Innovation, Creation, Share, Win-win!

Insisting on original creation, continuous innovation, and establishing strategic-cooperatively partnerships with customers, distributors, suppliers, research authorities and high institutions, and to form competition advantages.


5/   Market Idea

Researching the differences and discrepancies of different markets, contributing to research and develop to meet the personalized demand of global markets.

Aim to be the first and finalized choice of customers.


6/   Management Concept

Theodoor treats human resource as the most valuable and precious capital, treating crew fairly and justly.

Appointing capable talents, and creating studying environments.


7/   Core Value

 People first, Customers as center, Honest to manage, and Innovation.


8/    Brand Goal

Aim to be classical brand, leading low carbon life.



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