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Production process

Theodoor has great experiences in designing and manufacturing. It has been equipped with modernized testing equipment and a professional design team. The product range covers various models which are applicable to different conditions and meet different needs in many countries and areas to the maximum.

Theodoor adopted the German technology of motor, combined with motor, auto control, fine machinery and new materials technologies. The advanced manufacturing technology and NYPS management make it keeping up with European technologies and quality standards.

Theodoor adopted new materials and advance workmanship make its products in a leading position of abrasive resistance and endurance resistance. The products are combined with design aesthetics, power performance, technologies properties etc.

Theodoor is the factory firstly using adjustable expansion valve for its products. Double energy system design, GTAW wielding for SUS304 inner tank and exterior, unique flow resistance design to avoid water mixture and auxiliary defrosting technologies to make sure the units works well in bad conditions.



  • 西奧多空氣能熱泵熱水器檢測中心1
  • 西奧多空氣能熱泵熱水器檢測中心2
  • 西奧多空氣能熱泵熱水器檢測中心3
  • 西奧多空氣能熱泵熱水器檢測中心4



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